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Here at Shani's Embroidery, we can apply embroidery to a vast array of garments and accessories, from polo shirts to coats, hats to trousers. The list is almost endless!

Embroidery is a logical choice for clothing, it creates a professional appearance and is very durable making it ideal for clothes subject to a lot of wear and tear.

We are a dedicated team here at Shani's and our aim is to provide you with the highest quality embroidery and customer service from start to finish. If you require workwear, sportswear, or schoolwear, or if you are a member of a club or society that needs new clothing we can help.

Our embroidery prices start from as low as £1.50 per garment, so looking good doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Helpful Hints & Advice

  1. The item you choose to embroider is as important as the embroidery itself. Shani's catalogue has a wide selection of suitable garments and accessories for a range of budgets.
  2. Visualise your design or logo, thinking about how this will fit onto the garment or accessory you have selected. Imagine how the colours contrast against the garment. Have a look at our gallery for examples.
  3. Your design will need to be converted by our professional digitiser into an embroidery format. You will need to send an image of your artwork, either in a digital format such as jpeg or bmp. Alternatively you can send a paper copy such as a letterhead.
  4. Approve your digitisation and place your order for embroidery. At Shani's we can create an electronic sample that can be emailed to you, or for a small fee can send a fabric sample for approval.
  5. Re-ordering will be simple as everything is already in place you just need to contact us with your requirements.

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