Logo Digitisation

The Art of Digitization

Embroidery digitization is the process of turning your design or logo into an embroidery pattern for a machine to follow. This process allows each part of the graphic to be converted into a stitch type. The final product can then be previewed in digital form before it is applied to fabric. 

When an image is loaded into embroidery digitizing software, each of the different coloured areas can be converted into stitch types separately. This can be done by separating the color areas and digitizing them one by one or by digitizing the entire graphic so that the colors blend nicely into one another. Each technique produces different results and is used for different purposes. A company logo for example might need crisp color separation, but in the case of a flower, a colour blending effect may be preferable.

When your design is digitized through Shani's Embroidery, our trained staff will carefully manipulate the design for the best results. 

Our embroidery digitizing software is the best in the industry and our highly trained staff know how to utilize all features in order to produce high quality designs time after time.

If you have a design or logo that needs digitizing and would like to discuss it further please contact us and we will be happy to help. Alternatively please look at our embroidery gallery for examples of our work.

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