Which embroidery company to use?

When deciding which company to use for your new staff uniform, where do you start?

Company image is important and choosing a reliable supplier and embroiderer of goods is an important decision.

Shani's Embroidery offers unbeatable value for money, customer service and quality on all our products. Compare the two images below to see the difference between a Shani's Embroidery design in comparison to other embroiderers.

Embroidery Company A 




Shani's Embroidery



Embroidery Company B


Shani's Embroidery


Whether you are looking to improve on current embroidered designs or are choosing an embroiderer for the first time, Shani's Embroidery offers a leading service.

Here are some more things to keep in mind when considering whether we are the right company for you.

Question. Are twe a legitimate company with actual premises you can visit?

Answer. Shani's Embroidery is a legitimate company. We are members of the Federation of Small Businesses and The Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce and you are more than welcome to pop into our premises in Woodhall Spa for a visit!

Question. Do we have a gallery of previous work? 

Answer. Shani's Embroidery has an extensive embroidery gallery which can be viewed here. All images are examples of our own work.

Question. Who create the designs?

Answer. All Shani's Embroidery designs are created by us at our Woodhall Spa premises using industry-leading software. We do not outsource any of the work.

Question. How good are your embroidery machines?

Answer. Shani's Embroidery uses the very latest German and Japanese machines, which produce a high-quality and consistent stitch.

Question. Are you willing to provide a stitched sample prior to commencing a product run?

Answer. Shani's Embroidery will always give a stitched sample upon request.

Question. Is there a minimum order? 

Answer. There is no minimum order with Shani's Embroidery, although there is a £10.00 surcharge on orders of less than 4 items.

Shani's Embroidery has worked with everyone from sole traders, to car manufacturers to government agencies. Our skill and diversity make us experts in our field, so please don't hesitate to contact us today for your own quote.


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