Colour me impressed: Choosing the right logo colours

Choosing the colourway for your company logo can be one of the most important decisions that you make with regards to brand recognition and customer impression. The right colour choices can help draw attention to your company's culture and strengths, but the wrong colour combination can unfortunately, have the opposite effect.

To find basic harmonies between colours, you need look no further than the colour wheel.

Generally speaking, colours that are opposite one another on the wheel are considered complimentary and make for a vibrant, eye-catching design, though they aren't always the best choice for logo text.

Colours that are next to one another on the colour wheel match well and create nicely balanced designs. When using colours schemes this way, it is a good idea to have a dominant colour with the others used as a supports; think Diana Ross and The Supremes.

One other option is to pick a square of colours, that is four colours evenly spaced around the wheel. As with other colourways, you should aim to have one commanding colour. With 4-way colour combinations, you also need to pay careful attention to balancing warm and cool hues.

If you have a logo, but aren't sure on which colours to choose to ensure you are making the biggest branding impact, we are happy to help. You can have a look at our extensive range of cotton colours and we will give you our expert advice on colours which work well together and provide an attractive, eye-catching contrast to really make your company logo 'pop'.

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