Commemorating 100 years

With just a few days until we reach the centenary of the end of World War I, I have been reflecting on this important period in history and giving thanks for all those and their actions which impact as much today as they did a hundred years ago. 

In the autumn of 2014, I had not long graduated from Durham University with a PGCE in Primary Education. I spent a term doing supply teaching and it was during this term, that the centenary of the beginning of WWI fell. I marked this with the children by creating a class commemorative banner, shown above, and a poppy wreath, shown below. As well as these, we spoke, at length, about the war, those that fought and its lasting effects. 

Four years have passed and I am no longer teaching and instead, find myself working with my family and producing a variety of creative content for their business. 

Reflecting on just these last four years alone, I have to give immense thanks to those that served as they enabled me to get the education that I have and gave me the freedom to choose my own job and career path. 

What's more, this year has seen many members of my family, myself included, require the use of the NHS and I have to be incredibly thankful that we have access to such a health service. Whilst the NHS may not have been formed until 1948, surgical techniques which are still used today were pioneered as a result of WWI. 

For these reasons and so many more, I will be wearing my poppy on my coat this year as I have done the years previous and on Sunday when it reaches 11 o'clock, I will be taking a few moments of gratitude for all who served, sacrificed, and changed our world.

#LestWeForget #ThankYou100 #Remembrance2018

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