Going wild for The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

As an organisation that we not only support through member donation but also have a close relationship with having completed embroidered workwear for them, The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is a charity that we can really advocate.

They currently manage nearly 100 sites across the county in order to protect habitats and the wildlife that reside there. What's more, they provide expert education about wild places, creatures, preservation and restoration.

Throughout the year they work closely with the community in order to inspire adults and children alike into discovering their natural surroundings and taking an interest in what can be found there.

Not only can you visit many of their natures reserves such as Donna Nook which has only just today seen its first seal pup of the year born, there are also numerous events that The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust hold which you can become involved in such as nature trails, wildlife watches and guided walks. As well as all of these exciting things, there are also opportunities to to become a volunteer for the trust.

If you are interested in learning more about all the fantastic things that The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust does or where their next event is taking place, head over to their website.

Just as we did last year, we will certainly be headed to North Somercotes within the next week or so in order to talk a stroll along the coastline and see all the seals and their new fluffy offspring!

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