Snap to stitch: transforming an image to embroidery

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

If you haven't spotted them our our website already, we have recently released a new range of officially licensed clothing which feature RAF aircraft in stunning embroidery detail.

To make these garments possible, and the embroidered aircraft as accurate as can be, we need to use a real life images of the aircraft as our reference points which our digitiser scrutinises to pick up all the details and transfer into a digital embroidery image.

For the Lancaster design, photographer Lee Chapman kindly gave us permission to use his stunning snapshot of her in flight. Below you can see Lee's original image, the digital design that we created from it and then how it looks on a polo shirt.

Photograph taken by and copyright of Lee Chapman of Chappers Photography

Embroidery image of PA474 Lancaster created by and copyright of Shani's Embroidery

Lee isn't just a fantastic aviation photographer, but he also captures amazing images of wildlife, and sports and events, amongst other things. His work has been featured in national magazines as well as on renowned websites.

You can have a look for yourself at how talented Lee is by visiting his website or taking a look at his Facebook page at

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