Why machine maintenance plays an important part of our customer service

Maintenance of any machinery is important to protect your investment in the equipment and to keep your business operational but there are other reasons why taking the time to look after our embroidery machinery is important too.

It may not seem obvious as to why at first, but the maintenance of our industrial embroidery machines also plays an important part in our customer service. This article is going to delve into why!

Lead Times

The turnaround time we give for your garments to be embroidered is based on everything running smoothly. Of course, we allow a little leeway as we would hate to get your order to you late but if our machines were to develop any fault or stop working then this would be detrimental to our production plan and affect our lead times.

One of the easiest ways to prevent this from happening is to ensure that the machinery is operated correctly and maintained well. Our machines are turned off properly when not in use to reduce the likelihood of a power surge that could affect the circuitry inside and are gently wiped down at the end of each day to get rid of dust and small particles that could otherwise clog up the machine.

When small pieces of fluff and fibres from the garments do make their way into the machine, it increases the chance of thread breaks and if that happens, all heads of the machine have to be stopped and the affected head has to be rethreaded which can be fiddly and time-consuming.

We also keep other items away from the machines to minimise the chance of anything falling onto or hitting against the machines and causing damage.

Embroidery Quality

If our machine was not properly maintained, then the quality of the embroidery it produces could be impacted significantly. Our state-of-the-art machines read digital design files that have been created using software and these files tell the machine what thread colour to use, what stitch pattern to make and where to stop the embroidery to create your logo or mage.

If the machine wasn’t looked after, we could soon find that it doesn’t stitch out the design as intended, creating pulls or holes and generally leaving the embroidered design not looking its best. To ensure this does not happen, we regularly change the needles, keep the machine well lubricated and remove and clean the small external components of the machine. We also make subtle but important changes to the tension and speed of the machines to make sure their performance is optimal.

In addition to this, we only use the best quality Madeira embroidery thread that is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of a busy embroidery business.

Garment Casualties

We mentioned pulls and holes in the previous section and these can result in a garment that ultimately cannot be given to our customers because it is not up to the high standard that we deliver. The last thing we want is for you to be disappointed with the finished article or not have your order ready for when we said it would be.

When a garment does have to be scrapped due to an error, replacing it comes at a cost to us; not only for the price of a replacement but also for the time lost while we cannot complete the order.

As a small business, we simply could not keep afloat if this was a regular occurrence. To minimise the chance of garments being lost because of machine malfunction, routine maintenance is the best solution. Regular cleaning is carried out using a soft brush and we even use tweezers to remove the smallest strays of thread and fabric from the bobbin compartments, hook areas and faceplates.

Final Thoughts

At Shani’s Embroidery, we certainly like to operate with a ‘prevention is better than cure’ strategy and our machine maintenance is a well-embedded part of our weekly routine. We pride ourselves on our customer service and the quality of our embroidery of which machine maintenance plays a crucial part.

If you would like to see examples of our work or would like any more information about how our embroidery process is carried out, you can contact us at any time on info@shanisembroidery.co.uk and we also have a wealth of information about our services on our website which you can find here.

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