Why our garment policy keeps you covered

Over the years, we have had numerous customers come to us and ask whether we can embroider garments they already have. In short, the answer is no. This can be seen as a setback for those that have bought garments from high street stores because they are on a tight budget or have purchased clothing because they wanted a certain style or colour

We thought it important to fully explain why this is our policy and why it actually means we can provide the best customer service and experience possible.

Embroidery quality

When we are producing embroidered workwear for a customer, we always carry out a test stitch on a comparable fabric to the end garment. This allows us to make minor but crucial adjustments to the design and how our embroidery machine stitches it out to ensure the finished article is as good as possible.

If you bring us a garment to embroider onto, we cannot source the exact same fabric to test stitch on. This means that even if the test stitch comes out well, we cannot guarantee it will look the same when embroidered onto your chosen garment.

When using items chosen from our huge supplier range, however, we keep supplies of matching fabric so when the test design looks great you can be confident the finished article will as well.

Garment longevity

We have used the same broad range of suppliers for years. We know the ins and outs of most of the garments and accessories available and can recommend the most suitable options for your requirements. For instance, you may be a builder that needs robust, hardwearing workwear or you may work in a catering environment where your uniform needs to be washed daily and be able to be tumble dried.

When you choose from the range we have available, we can make sure that your garments will be fit for purpose and we can vouch for the quality of the items we are supplying. For garments you have purchased elsewhere, we cannot do this and we would hate to embroider an item you have brought to us, for you to find that it shrinks in the wash or develops a fault because of the way it was manufactured and find that the money you have spent on custom embroidery has been wasted because the garment is no longer usable.

Accidents and damage

It doesn’t happen often, but on rare occasions, things can go wrong during the embroidery process and a garment ends up getting damaged. When this occurs with garments from our suppliers, we know that we can order a replacement item and it can be with us the next day if needs be.

When using clothing supplied by the customer, the risk is higher because if something does go wrong, replacing it is not possible. It might be that where you got your item from doesn’t have your size in stock or has discontinued the product and this leaves us in a situation where we can’t complete your order as intended.

Counterfeit goods

With the suppliers we work with, we know where the garments have come from and can be confident of their origins and quality. When garments are bought from elsewhere, they can as witnessed by ourselves, be counterfeit, and our customers can unknowingly have purchased substandard goods.

We don’t want to risk embroidering items that aren’t legitimate, and we certainly don’t want you to end up with clothing that isn’t as you expected it to be.


As a family-run business, we have always tried to keep our prices competitive and the cost for our embroidery service as affordable as possible. When we set our prices, we did so taking into consideration the garment purchases customers will also make from us. When a customer wants us to embroider items they have not bought from us, it largely makes the order unprofitable once you take into consideration the digitisation, test stitch, final embroidery, cotton, and all the other expenses such as staff wages and utilities.

We simply could not operate as a viable business if we embroidered items the customer supplied. Some customers might think that by supplying their own clothing to us, it can reduce the cost which we appreciate but think of it this way, you wouldn’t go to a takeaway with a pizza base and then expect a lower bill because all they had to do was add the toppings, right?

Final thoughts

We hope this blog post has given you a bit of insight into why we have this policy in place and we hope you can see that by only embroidering garments we supply, protection is in place for both you as our customer and us as a business.

If you are considering getting something embroidered please contact us for recommendations, advice and catalogues – we think you’ll be surprised at the sheer amount of garment types, colours, sizes and price points we have available.

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