Why Wearing Your Company Branding Matters

It might sound over the top, but your brand identity is everything. Think of the golden arches of McDonald’s – instantly recognisable, or when you hear the phrase ‘every little helps’ you know that it is the tagline of Tesco.

Arguably one of the biggest ways we can identify brands and which organisation an employee is associated with is by the uniform – not just the type of clothing or the colours of the garments but by the logo and other recognisable emblems the clothing is adorned with.

There are so many reasons that having purposefully chosen workwear finished with embroidery of your company logo can help give you the edge over your competitors and this article outlines some of them below.

First Impressions

First impressions count for a lot so making sure you are dressed the part when you meet with a new customer is important. Now, this is not to say that you need a shirt and tie – this may not be the right attire or image for your company – but a uniform which is smart, cohesive, fits well and shows your branding is what you should aim for.

If you own a restaurant, for instance, your uniform might consist of embroidered aprons for waiting staff, shirts for front of house, and chef’s whites for your kitchen workers.

If you are a tyre fitting firm, then it might be dark coloured overalls with your company name, logo and contact number embroidered on the back or a polo shirt paired with utility trousers.


When you and your employees are wearing your chosen uniform, you want everyone else to be able to recognise which company or organisation you are associated with. Black and white stripes, for instance, are synonymous with Newcastle United Football Club and the ‘swoosh’ is known across the globe as being the logo of Nike.

Having your logo on your workwear and carefully choosing the colours of your uniform helps embed your brand identity and keeps it consistent. It also helps people feel at ease with your staff members. Imagine for example, that a builder turned up on your door wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. This attire doesn’t necessarily reflect their skill or their work ethic but if they instead had on a branded jumper that matched the signwriting of their van, this helps you to recognise who they are and feel more assured.

Employee work ethic and belonging

Uniform is a powerful tool for helping staff members work and feel as part of a team. When everyone is wearing a uniform, it creates a sense of equality and pride. In addition, it eliminates the worry workers may have to look a certain way or whether they will be under or overdressed in comparison to their peers.

Being recognisable as staff members due to their uniform and the logo they are wearing can also improve productivity and general work ethic. It can invoke a sense of wanting to represent the company in a positive light and it also makes staff more aware that customers know who they are associated with if they want to make a complaint!


Now we all know that some uniforms aren’t exactly the most fashionable but there are some companies that need a certain type of workwear to comply with health and safety legislation. Hi-Vis garments, for example, may be required in environments where there are fork trucks in constant use or hair coverings might be necessary for food preparation environments.

These items don’t have to be dull, though. We can supply a huge range of PPE and other garments to help keep you compliant whilst still successfully showcasing your logo and branding.

Final thoughts

Branded workwear is a worthwhile investment, but you need to make sure the garments chosen and the placement of your logo and branding is right for your company and your employees. We can help you choose suitable clothing that matches your company colours, the working environment, and your budget. We can advise on logo placement and assist in creating you a full uniform from head to toe.

What’s more, our prices are competitive, the quality of our embroidery is superb, and our turnaround time is excellent. So, if it’s time for you to put together your perfect uniform, why not get in touch?

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